About Us



We provide financial information in a timely and accurate manner which is a commitment that we feel can not be compromised. Meaningful, well-organized financial records ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis. Our company provides a full range of cost effective financial and accounting services  including, but not limited to the following:


A. Budgeting

  • Drafting the annual operating capital budget and on-going follow up.


B. Statutory accounting function

  •  Accounting procedures set-up.

  • Dispatch of demands and collection of rent, service charges, insurance premiums, VAT and other     monies according to the leases.

  • Maintenance of the statutory books.

  • Full tax services and advisory

  • Liaison with auditors.


C. Cash management

  • Pro-active credit control.     

  • Rental, Service Charge & Non-Core income collection and management.

  • Treasury management, including weekly cash report and use of term deposits.


D. Reporting 

 • Management financial  reports.  




Our leasing team is experienced in the retail development of mixed use schemes, community and regional destination offering. Our scope of service, vary depending on the specific requirements of the scheme taking into consideration the stage of development of each and every asset. We provide comprehensive services in the following areas:


A. Market  study


B. Concept design improvement

  • Lay-out and optimization of area

  • Tenant mix

  • Estimated rental value 


C. Preparation of leasing documentation

  •  Complete leasing and commercialization strategy

  •  Preparation of lease templates (head of terms and lease agreements)


D. Leasing

  • Identification of prospective tenants

  • Targeted leasing

  • Rent negotiations

  • Conclusion of the lease agreements


E. On-going tenant management




Thorough knowledge of retail business and its representatives on the market is the key with which our team successfully managed to position our assets under management and conquered large parts of the market. Our team knows how to maintaining the leadership position in the face of the emerging competition and optimize all marketing techniques through creative and event management. 


A. Strategy management

  • Building marketing strategy

  • Brand development and positioning

  • Planning


B. Event management

  • Optimization of all outdoor and indoor advertising channels

  • Web promoting and social media communication 

  • Television and radio advertising

  • Lease of advertising areas


C. Media planning and advertising

  • Organizing events, campaigns and promotions 

  • Planning, execution and control

  • PR campaigns


D. Tenants relations

  • Strong communication

  • Adapting tenants ideas

  • Development of long-term business relationship




APMS will deliver customized real estate solutions to help your business thrive. We have the expertise to manage your most critical environments combining global expertise with local excellence. 


A. Risk Management 

  • Risk assessment of critical infrastructure and systems

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery assessment

  • Planning and management


B. Supply Chain Management 

  • Procurement services

  • Supplier management

  • Compliance management (warranty/quality assessments)


C. Building Management 

  • Preventative maintenance (planned)

  • Reactive maintenance

  • Mechanical & engineering service (M&E)

  • Lifts and escalators maintenance

  • Building management systems.


D. Grounds Maintenance 

  • Landscaping

  • Road infrastructure services

  • Project management


E. Energy Management 

  • Water supply, lighting and power

  • HVAC solutions